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Bravo High-Speed Tactical PJ Helmet

Item Number: JFHE0002

Bravo High-Speed Tactical PJ Helmet
  • The Bravo PJ Helmet is the newest helmet design available for our military, law enforcement, and responsible civilian. It is very lightweight, and the ventilation holes on the top of the helmet keep the operator fast and cool. The Bravo PJ Helmet comes with an integrated military style Head-Lock Chinstrap, which can be adjusted in 5 different locations. The dial on the back of the helmet allows the operator to quickly adjust the fit of the helmet.

    The Bravo PJ Helmet also comes with 2 side rails for lights, lasers, and other accessories. It comes with molded-in front mount to attach lights, cameras and night vision brackets. Bravo also give you 2 bungees for Night vision goggle stability. Although the Bravo PJ Helmet DOES NOT provides any ballistic protection, it provides excellent protection against airsoft BBs and it definitely looks awesome.
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • Helmet adapter accessory rail
  • Integrated NVG mounting point
  • Bungee securing slings
  • Adjustable two stage padding
  • Rotary adjustment dial
  • Weaver rail and w-lock adapter
  • Ventilated slots
  • hook & loop panels
  • Fits head sizes Small to Large
Size       Adjustable
Color         Black,Coyote,O.D.,Multicam and other camoflage color
Notifications          Big order accept OEM&ODM and customer logo